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   Icy wind raged against my face as I waited patiently, sniffing the air for a familiar scent. The others were nearby, hunting to fulfill their carnal needs and desires. But I preferred to hunt alone, even if it meant I was vulnerable and could fall victim at any given moment.
   It had been a week since I’d last fed. 
   Balling my hands into tight fists, I attempted to hinder the constant shaking, but failed. I needed nourishment. I tried to resist the urges to feed but knew if I didn’t consume soon, I’d become too weak to hunt.
   Blood. It both disgusted yet pleased me. It was the bane of my existence, and I despised hunting for it. Yet, the mere thought of the sweet, crimson nectar made my mouth water and my sharp incisors lengthen. 
   I grasped tightly to the satchel on my back which held my redemption; a small golden flask which contained the blood of the one who claimed me. 
   One sip would complete our bond. 
   But I wasn’t ready to be bound, even if it meant I had to run and fight for my life. 
   Maybe the future held a different outcome, but for now, I still had a choice. It was my life and my consequences, and at this moment I was free.
   The pungent smell of wet grass and the sound of a restless murmur called to me. My lips were parched and my throat arid like sandpaper. 
   I pressed on, approaching a small creek. It would have to manage until I received the sustenance my body craved. 
   Bending, I scooped the water into my gaunt fingers, placing it to my lips. The cold drink was enlivening, but no matter how much I drank, it still didn’t satisfy the thirst.
   I grimaced, catching my rippled reflection in the water. My auburn hair was matted, my face was colorless and sickly, and my hazel eyes had become dull, framed within dark circles.
   I was a hollowed out shell of the person I used to be.
   I was a monster.

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