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If you were looking for me, then you're brilliant... Just sayin'. 

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I look forward to seeing you there!

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GILDED WINGS, the final installment in the Hidden Wings Series has been released!
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Have you heard the news???
YES! You read that right!
Hidden Wings is getting a Book #5!!!
Let me tell you...this book was completely unexpected. As I was writing the spin-off for this series, this totally new character came crashing into my brain from left-field. Apparently that area of my brain is unarmed. Sneaky, sneaky girl!!! 
Lucian has been hiding a secret. He has a Nephilim daughter. (The hypocrite!) Well, this half-breed has a story to tell, and she is demanding I write it. She's also kind of terrifying, so I better write it before I get some kind of brain issue. Hahaha!!! 
Sooo--- Wings of Vengeance (Book 5) will be releasing sometime this December. Most likely mid-late.
I don't have a "set" date yet, and probably won't for a while. At least until it's finished.
I hope you're all as excited as I am, and are ready for the next installment.
There will be more of your favorite characters!!! And YES, Dom will be back in all of his glory, along with Kade, Emma, Alaine, Samuel, Thomas, Alex, and even some BRAND NEW characters I know you'll fall in love with...and some you'll probably hate. 
I seriously thought the series was over.
I guess I was wrong. 
Characters rule, and sometimes their cruel. 
(Cool rhyme, huh?) haha
I'll keep you updated. Until then...Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
I'll be cave bound for the next month with Lucian's daughter. God help me. LOL!!!